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Guidance on academic management for the 2022 spring semester
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Guidance on academic management for

the 2022 spring semester

On January 27, our university decided to conduct "face-to-face class" for the spring semester of 2022 through the Academic Committee. It is a decision that comprehensively considers various factors, including the fact that face-to-face classes are presented as a principle in the "Promoting Step-by-step Daily Recovery in the Higher Education Sector" announced by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, in principle, undergraduate theory classes, laboratory practice, practical skills, and graduate classes are all conducted face-to-face classes.

However, in consideration of the safety of the Chung-ang family, some non-face-to-face classes are applied depending on the number of students. Lectures with more than 40 students will be held through non-face-to-face. However, we have decided to allow face-to-face classes with the approval of the dean if more than lectures with more than 40 students are secured in the form of circular attendance or hybrid classes. After the class registration is completed, we will announce the types of classes for face-to-face and non-face-to-face classes after February 18th, when we can determine the exact number of classes for each lecture.

If you have to conduct a non-face-to-face class, it is a principle to conduct a live video lecture. This is because the value of communication that professors and students can share through live lectures is precious.

According to the implementation of face-to-face classes, we will also change the way we evaluate our grades. The absolute evaluation, which was inevitably applied for the past two years in 2020 and 2021, will be converted to the relative evaluation type B (A: within 50%, A+B: within 90%). In addition, we will regain the graduation recognition system (English, Chinese characters), which was stopped to temporary exemption.


Major implementations for the quarantine of foreign students in 2022 spring semester in Seoul

1. Request for quarantine information for international students.

Incheon International Airport (1,2T) "Seoul-NIIED(National Institute for International Education) Foreign Student Information Booth" jointly operated.

- Implementation: Information and response related to quarantine, such as the health center, inspection (moving) method, etc. (deployment of foreign language personnel)

- Location:  Near Terminal D Gate 1 / Near Terminal B Gate 2 (Intensive operation in February)

- Operating hours: 09:00~20:00 (Mon.~Sun.) Intensive operation period: 06:00~22:00

- Request: International students scheduled to enter Korea must return home after visiting the information booth

Information of temporary living facilities for international students entering Korea

- Due to obligation of self-quarantine (7 days) of overseas entrants, temporary living facilities will be operated (idle hotels in Jong-ro, Jung-gu)

- We suggest international students who cannot obtain any accommodations or separate self-quarantine space to actively move into quarantine hotels.

Support for the operation of the "Disaster Information Guide Site" for international students.

- Implementation: Information on the quarantine information of international students (quarantine rules, means of transportation, etc., translated into five languages)

- Website:

- Main contents: provision of quarantine information, reservation of temporary living facilities, reservation of quarantine taxis, online malls, etc.

lInquiries about academic conduct of Fall semester 2021: please contact designated department office or Students’ Affairs Office

lInquiries about visa and sojourn: Office of International Affairs 02)820-6572 / 6571 / 6116,

- Information about arrival to Korea and document required for visa issuance are announced on Office of International Affairs website(



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