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Student Life

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The whole university is wired, and the students can use the computer facilities in most of the buildings in the campus to access the Internet and to use word-processing programs.

서울 서울 서울
    Seoul campus
  • 1st Fl, Computer Center
  • 5th Fl, College of Liberal Arts
  • 2nd Fl, College of Political Science & Economics
  • 2nd Fl, Library
  • Dormitory
안성 안성 안성
    Anseong campus
  • 1st Fl, Foreign Language Bldg.
  • 2nd Fl, Library
  • Dormitory

In addition to the above facilities, each college and department has its own facilities. Each campus has its own student cafeteria, which serves nutritious food at lower prices.


Each campus has its own student cafeteria, which serves nutritious food at lower prices.

Seoul campus Cafeteria
  • Student Union Hall
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Medicine
    • Number of seats: 1,200
    • Menu: Korean and Western-style dishes/snacks
    • Price range: 1,500-3,000 won
  • College of Engineering
Anseong campus Cafeteria
  • Student Social Center
  • Ministop across the Library
    • Number of seats: 900
    • Menu: Korean and Western-style dishes/snacks
    • Price range: 1,500-2,000 won
  • College of Engineering

In addition to the student cafeterias, each campus has a couple of snack bars. Seoul Campus has two student lounges that can host 200 students at a time, and Anseong Campus has eight lounges that can host 700 students. In the lounges, the students can watch TV, listen to music, and socialize with the other students. Each campus also has a separate lounge for female students.

Service Center

서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Office of Student Affairs
1Major Campus Activities & Events
  • Orientation for new students (February)
  • Entrance ceremony for new students (March)
  • Establishment of student associations (March to April)
  • Voluntary activities for rural communities (May, July, and September)
  • 4.19 Revolution Ceremony (April)
  • Righteous-Blood Cultural Festival and Sports Festival (May)
  • Cultural festival for a sound university culture (May)
  • Anniversary Festival and Pan-ChungAngIn Festival (October)
  • Student-association-president elections (November)
2Domestic and Foreign Volunteer Services
  • Services hosted by CAU
    • Philippine Overseas Service, offered for two weeks during the summer vacation, includes general services (prevention of pidemics, samulnori, Taekwondo, and child care) and medical services.
    • The university cultural exchanges and services offered for two weeks in winter include cultural exchanges with foreign universities as well as services (e.g., Korean teaching, cultural exchanges, and regional volunteer activities).
    • Blue Dragon Service offers on- and off-campus services.
  • Other services
    • Korean University Council for Social Service, participated in by 196 colleges and universities, offers volunteer services in summer.
    • Asia-Pacific Society offers services for three weeks in summer and three weeks in winter.
    • Habitat offers ten-day home-building services for people in need in summer.
3On- and Off-Campus Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Students are eligible to apply for scholarships when they meet ALL the following requirements:
    • (prospective) registration in Campus 1;
    • sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the 1st semester, and freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the 2nd semester;
    • financial need; a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the previous semester and a minimum accumulated GPA of 3.0; and non-receipt of any scholarship in the academic year, with the exception of recipients of merit-based scholarships covering less than 1/3 of the tuition.
  • Scholars will be required to pay only part of the tuition.
  • Students can apply for scholarships in March and September. Detailed information regarding this matter will be announced.
  • A number of students will be selected at the beginning of the applicable semester, and thereafter, more will be selected subject to the availability of funds.
  • Students can contact the financial aid counselors at the Academic Affairs Office for consultation.
4Work-Study Grants
  • Every semester, a number of students are randomly selected to receive work-study grants.
  • Students may apply for work-study grants in June and December by logging on at "Campus System." Detailed information regarding this matter will be announced.
5Student Loans
  • Students may apply for student loans from the bank designated by the government. The loan amount is limited to the tuition, at the loan rate set by the government.
  • Students may choose between a short-time payment plan, in which they are to pay equal installments within two years, and a long-time payment plan, in which they are to pay equal installments within seven years after their graduation.
6Korean Research Foundation Funds
  • Korean Research Foundation offers financial support to students in the form of grants (no-interest loan grants and no-interest loans for Science and Engineering students).
  • Funds are available in January to March and in June to August.
  • Refer to the CAU Webpage for detailed information regarding this matter.
7Dormitory Housing
  • The male dormitory (HyunAm Dormitory) can accommodate 134 occupants, and the female dormitory (DongMaru), 152.
  • The monthly cost of a room is KRW350,000, and that of board is KRW120,000 for males and KRW 125,000 for females.
  • Students can apply for dormitory housing in February and August. Relevant information will be posted on the CAU Webpage, will be announced in the CAU newspaper, and will be e-mailed in the form of a CyberNewsletter by the Student Affairs Team during the vacation.
  • Students will be selected according to their academic performance and attitude scores(applicable only to the previous residents).
  • During the summer and winter vacations (June to August, December to February), dormitories are also available for the
  • Campus 1 & 2 students. Students can apply for on-campus housing via the Internet, and the selection will depend on the students’ academic performance in the previous semester. The monthly cost of on-campus housing is KRW350,000.
8University Liability Insurance
문서 문서 문서

Public-liability insurance indemnifies the university against damages, injuries, and costs arising from the university activities related to the classes. Students on a leave of absence and student-athletes are excluded from this benefit.

  • Procedure
    • When a student incurs an injury, he/she should report the matter to the Student Affairs Team.
    • After the injured student receives hospital treatment, he/she may request for reimbursement by submitting the bill to the Student Affairs Team.
    • The university refers the case to the insurer, and the latter deliberates on whether it will cover the related expenses. If it decides to cover the related expenses, it will directly deposit the money to the bank account of the injured party.
  • Required Documents
    • Claim report (form available at the Student Affairs Office)
    • Hospital bill/receipt
    • Certificate of enrollment
    • A copy of the student’s identification card (student ID or certificate of residence)
    • A copy of the student’s bankbook
    • Medical certificate (only if the medical bill exceeds KRW200,000)
  • Coverage
    • Death: KRW1000,000,000 per accident / KRW1000,000,000 per person
    • Property damage liability: KRW20,000,000 per accident
    • Personal-injury protection: KRW1,000,000 per person
9Lost & Found Center
  • Lost & Found Center is being operated to help the students get back their lost items.
  • Reporting lost items
    • Lost items may be claimed by the concerned students at “Q&A Lost & Found” on the university Webpage.
    • Found items may be reported to the Student Affairs Office or to the reception desk of the university building where the item was found.
10International Student ID Card
  • International student ID cards may be issued immediately upon request at KRW11,000(KRW15,000 outside the campus).
  • Students should fill out an international student ID application form and should submit it along with a photo to the Student Affairs Office.
11Sports Equipment Services
  • Various sports equipment are available for lending at the Student Affairs Office.
  • To be able to borrow sports equipment, the students should sign the required form and should leave their student IDs.
서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Office of Student Affairs
1Online Job Listing
  • Various part-time and full-time recruitment information are posted on the CAU Webpage.
  • Students can log on to the system to obtain information.
2Korean and English Resume-Writing Workshop
  • Human Resources Development Center assists the students in writing their resumes in Korean and English.
  • Students should apply for employment counseling in the Rainbow System( and then visit the center.
3English-Interview Preparation
  • The English interview practice with native speakers allows the students to prepare for real job interviews administered in English.
  • Students should apply for employment counseling in the Rainbow System( and then visit the center.
4Job-related Elective Classes
  • Job-related classes are offered to assist the students with career planning and placement.
  • Career courses (for freshmen and sophomores) : Entertainment of corporate management, career exploration, and job competency improvement.
  • Employment subjects (for juniors and seniors ) : Job competency development, public institution NCS analysis, and corporate vocational aptitude test analysis.
서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Office of Student Affairs
  • Student Life Counseling Center provides the students with attention and support with regard to sexual, academic, and aptitude matters as well as personal, relational, and family issues to secure a healthy campus environment.
  • Students may take various assessment tests, such as:
    • MBTI;
    • MMPI;
    • HOLLAND;
    • K-WAIS; and
    • Rorschach test.

Office of Computer and Information system

서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Chung-Ang University administration Management Program Utilization System(Campus)

Chung-Ang University Administration Management Program Utilization System (CAMPUS) is an information-based system that integrates the fields of academic affairs, administration, and research and offers a variety of relevant information to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

  • How to get connected
  • Log on either to the CAU Webpage( or to“CAMPUS” (
  • Available Services
    • Registration: Personal information, leave/return, minors, double majors, combined majors
    • Academic records: grades in the previous semester and in all the semesters
    • Classes: registration, class schedules, subject descriptions, subject evaluation
    • Registration: tuition, course registration, payment in installments
    • Scholarships: scholarship inquiry, work-study application
    • Reserve forces: moving-in notification
서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Web Service
Webmail Services (
  • Chung-Ang Webmail is available for all students and alumni.
  • To open a Webmail account, send an e-mail to
  • Once you have created an ID and password, you may log on to your account on either the CAU Webpage or
  • Outlook Express or Webmail can be used for access purposes, and each account is supported with a capacity of 10 M.
Webpage Services
  • Web Hosting Services
    • Web hosting services are offered for the administration offices, colleges, graduate schools, and departments. Those who want to use the service should send an application form for the account to (). Each host is supported by a capacity of 50 M for HDD and 50 M for database.
    • Each host is connected to a high-speed (giga-level) Internet, which provides an optical environment against power outages. Also, the 24-hr trouble management system for networks and servers makes it stable and reliable.
  • Web Builder Services
    • Web builder services are offered for the Web pages of administration offices, colleges, graduate schools, and departments. Those who want to use the service should send an accomplished application form for the account to and should log on to the CAU Webpage ( once their application has been approved.
    • Web builder services make it easier for anyone to design a Webpage by using step-by-step wizards.
서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Internet Service
High-speed Internet Leased-Line Services

SK Networks provides an ISP that allows a bandwidth of 300 M (Seoul), 200 M (Anseong), and 100 M (Seoul- Anseong) by Metro Ethernet and Metro VPN.

Wired Internet Services

Students have access to the wired Internet at all university buildings, which has a speed of 10/100 Mbps. It can be used by connecting the LAN cable to a PC and by setting the IP address of CAU.

Wireless Internet Services
  • Woori Bank Symtra (free) - Students may obtain free wireless Internet access in all the university buildings by setting the SSID to Symtra.
  • KT Nespot (charged)
  • KT Nespot can also be accessed by students to register for services that require fees.
Domain Registration

Students may register for a domain ( by submitting a request online, at the CAU Webpage (

IP Address Request

Students may request for an IP address by submitting an accomplished IP Address Request Form to PC Clinic.

Center for Teaching & Learning

Center for Teaching & Learning, established in 1962 as an audio-visual room, was expanded into a multimedia center and then to the Education Media Support Center with the development of the education media and information infrastructure. The advancement of digital technologies has influenced the development of the education media, which became the basis for appropriate teaching methods and their application.

서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Center for Teaching & Learning
Improving Teaching & Learning Methods
  • Support for active college education instead of simple education media
  • Research on and development of college- and major-specific teaching methods rather than uniform teaching methods
  • Research on and development of teaching methods and media in accordance with the advancement of education facilities
  • Establishment of an e-learning system and activation of Web-supported classes
  • Research on and development of teaching methods in accordance with the advancement of educational contents and facilities
Research on and Development of Teaching & Learning
  • Development of and consultation regarding teaching and learning methods and education evaluation materials
  • Support for teaching and learning, teaching-and-learning-related research, and publication of teaching-and-learning-related manuals and newsletters
  • Teacher education, and consultation regarding and workshops on teaching methods
Research on and Development of e-Learning
  • Support for Web-based education, Web magazine publication, and digital-education information
  • Support for the development of online materials and for the research on, development of, and support for Internet and Intranet education
Research on and Development of Educational Digital Contents
  • Research on and development of educational digital contents
  • Education on computer software and other related functions
Educational-Medaia Support
  • Filming and editing lectures, and production of educational movies
  • Support and management of educational media, studios, and facilities
서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 E-learning Digital Multimedia

E-learning Digital Multimedia was founded to provide individuals with learner-driven learning spaces that offer language- and culture-related media. Students may borrow various materials or bring their own to watch.

E Room (E-Learning Room)
  • E room has 72 booth-style seats that provide individual learning spaces where the students can use online lectures and VOD materials for studying foreign languages.
  • Especially, its computers and language learning equipment help the students utilize various language-related resources.
C Room (Culture Room)
  • C Room has 32 booth-style seats that provide individual learning spaces where the students can use academic, cultural, and film resources.
  • C Room is equipped with eight DVD/VTR combos and 24 PCs so that the students can view movies and documentaries.
A Room (Academic Cinema Room)

A Room is equipped with a 5.1-channel home theater system and 40 seats, allowing the students to watch various movies.

Health Care Center

Health Care Center helps prevent and treat diseases and promote good health among the CAU students, faculty, and staff.

서브이미지 서브이미지 서브이미지 Lab Tests
Regular Checkup
  • New and transfer students receive regular checkups in February.
  • Enrolled students receive regular checkups during the second semester.
  • The lab tests include the hepatitis, liver function, blood pressure, urine, body mass index, eyesight, blood sugar level, and anemia tests as well as chest X-ray.

Occasional checkups are always available at Health Care Center, including blood pressure, anemia, blood sugar level, body mass index, and urine tests.

Clinical Service

The clinical services include medical prescription, injury treatment, emergency care, hospital transfer, and bed rest.

Promotion of Good Health and Prevention of Diseases

Health education through videos, newspapers, pamphlets, and bulletin boards

Medical Service by CAU Hospital

The doctors at CAU hospital are available for student treatment every two weeks.

Referral Letter Issuance
  • Health Care Center issues referral letters to those who want to receive CAU Hospital service.
    • Health Care Center in Campus 1: 3rd floor, Student Cultural Hall
    • Health Care Center in Campus 2: 2nd floor, Student Cultural Hall