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Who is an International Applicant?

Applicants must meet one of the below conditions
  • 1.

    Foreign nationals whose both parents hold foreign citizenship.
    (Non-Korean students whose both parents are Non-Korean.)

  • 2.

    An applicant who is a foreigner(Non-Korean) and completed all educational courses or degrees in foreign country for more than 16 years equivalent to primary, secondary and university education.

★Applicants who have Korean citizenship are not eligible for applying for International Students Admission. (Dual Citizenship with Korean Citizenship is not eligible for applying either.)★

★Only applicants who acquired Foreign Citizenship before Elementary School are eligible for International Students Admission. The student and both his/her parents should submit the proof regarding the cancellation of registration of their Korean nationality.★

Qualification for Application

Admission to graduate school program is open to all qualified applicants who hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution. (applying for Master & Ph.D. joint program), who hold a bachelor's degree and Master's degree from an accredited undergraduate and graduate institution. (applying for Doctoral program)

Admission Schedule

Degree Program Procedures Spring Semester Fall Semester
Master’s Ph.D Joint Master’s & Ph.D Notice End of September
(Previous Year)
End of March
Application Early October ~ Mid-October
(Previous Year)
Early April ~ Mid-April
Interview November
(Previous Year)
Announcement of Result Early December
(Previous Year)
Early June

* Schedule is subject to change based on Graduate School Academic Calendar and Policy.

  • Application Fee and submitted documents will not be returned after submission.
  • Application fees will be refunded only to students who applied for Interdisciplinary departments, in case admission is cancelleddue to the lack of applicants. (Remittance charges will be deducted)
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