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CAU Foreign Faculty Pool Registration
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Chung-Ang University Foreign Faculty Pool Registration


Chung-Ang University is maintaining a pool of qualified faculty members who would like to provide instruction and research achievement for our university.


We are seeking prospective applicants to become part of a pool of qualified professors to fill foreign faculty positions.


= What is Faculty POOL?

Faculty Pool is a part of our continuous recruitment system to overcome the limitations of a general recruitment system and to maintain a continuous recruitment process for faculty with outstanding research and educational achievements with minimum essential information.

Pool registration requires only minimum information (basic personal information and research results), thus maximizing convenience for the applicant. The applicant can add or delete the data at any time, and complete the application form with just one click without additional inputs, to apply for our general recruitment. The information provided to Pool will be used for the continuous special recruitment, and the notification service for each stage will inform you of our recruitment plans, guidelines, etc.


= Subjects of Faculty POOL

Full-time faculty

- Applicants applying for general/special employment(Tenure/Non-Tenure Track, Teaching professor, Research Professor)

Non-full-time faculty

- Applicants applying for distinguished, visiting, adjunct, guest, and courtesy professors
- Part-time instructors


= Registration instructions for Faculty POOL

General requirements

Items for Application such as basic information, scholarship, teaching experience, research experience, other experience, qualifications/licenses/intellectual property, research, research summary, education planning, research planning, and self-introduction

Full-time faculty

- Input basic information, scholarship, and research results (research papers) only.

Non-full-time faculty

- Input basic information, scholarship, teaching experience, research experience, and research results only.



- Duties and Benefits -


Responsibilities will vary according to each individuals contract.


1. Salary is negotiable depending on your qualifications, research achievement and career.


2. Housing

Housing at Chung-Ang University residences or a monthly subsidy for the lease of a house or apartment will be provided.


3. Research Grants

Monetary benefits will be given to faculty who publish research in acknowledged international journals.(Policy for research professor is different from general one)


- How to register -


1. Online application

To register, go to sign up and log in input your information apply


2. If you have any problem to register, please send the following items to


1) application(attached)

2) Resume with photo

3) Degree Certificates attained in higher education and Copy of diploma

4) Copy of transcript supporting the highest degree

5) Certificate of Career or Employment

6) Copy of passport or foreign registration card

7) Copies of publications (if any).

8) Syllabi of courses taught in college(past two years)(if any)


- NOTE -

1. Applicants with a high quality of research and publication (e.g., SCI, SSCI, A&HCI journals) and a minimum of two years college teaching experience are preferred.

2. Only foreign scholars who can teach in english are eligible for application.

3. Candidates will be required to submit official transcripts on or before employment.

4. Prior to a final offer of employment, the selected candidate will be required to submit to a background check including, but not limited to, employment verification, educational and other credential verification and criminal background check.

5. Applicants must have a valid work visa, valid for the entire length of the proposed contract before conducting any lectures or research.


If you have any questions, e-mail at



March 24, 2014

Office of Academic Affairs

Chung-Ang University


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