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Fall 2023 Tuition Payment for Graduate Students
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첨부파일 International Transfer Information.(해외송금 안내문).pdf Notice for the Tuition Payment(Fall 2023).pdf

Please note the tuition fee payment period and payment method as below;



Payment Period

Payment Amount

Payment Method









TST system

Jul.13.2023 to Jul.17.2023


* Payment through TST only for Students in China.

* Please check OIA website for notice about payment method.

Payment other than TST


to   Jul.19.2023



* Only Students who do not use TST for payment.


* Payment through visit in Woori Bank branch in Korea/bank transfer/mobile smart banking application transfer etc.

* In case of international transfer, there will be transfer charges which will deduct remittance charges twice, refer to the notes.


 If you do not pay the Admission Fee and Tuition Fee within the designated period, you will be considered to have withdrawn from admission.

 Bank Transfer in Korea is only available during the operational hours of the Korean Bank(9AM~4PM)


B. Printing the tuition fee bill: From the first day of the Payment Period, you can print out the bill from OIA homesite> Admissions > Notice

합격자조회 Admission Result 合格者查询(Click)

수험번호 확인 UWAY APPLY(클릭)


C. The bank account assigned to each student is linked to the students name. Students must transfer the exact amount so the tuition can be confirmed.


D. [Important] Successful applicants from China are advised to use TST Service which enables payment in YUAN. It is more time-efficient and economical. Please refer to the following website for the payment method.



E. [Important] In case of transfer from countries other than China, successful applicants should use international transfer. Please be aware that additional fee - an international transfer fee - will be deducted twice (remittance charge  one in applicants bank, one in Korean Woori Bank). We recommend applicants to calculate both fees and transfer enough money to cover the remittance charges. Otherwise, applicant might need to transfer the lacking amount again together with the remittance charges. If there is any excess amount after tuition payment, it will be refunded to applicants personal Korean Bank Account once he or she arrive to Korea and provide personal account details.

 If applicant is planning to use the international transfer, he or she should contact OIA through email( for more details.


2. Notice for the Admission

A. Scholarship Recipients despite the full tuition fee waiver must pay the admission fee.

B. If the admission fee and tuition fee is not paid, applicant will be assumed to have withdrawn from the admission.

C. Contact

1) Scholarship Matters : 02-820-5027

 Scholarship Result will not be noticed separately, therefore applicants may check scholarship result by amount written on the Tuition Fee bill of the tuition fee payment.

2) General Certificate of Admission & Visa Matters : 02-820-6272, 6532

3) Tuition Fee Payment : 02-820-6272,6532


3. Confirmation of tuition payment

 확인 사이트(confirmation through website):

Prinitng of payment confirmation is possible after filling in needed information (application number, date of birth, name). However, please note that the international transfer will take at least one week to be confirmed and cannot be confirmed through website above. In that case, please contact OIA by


4. Refund policy

A. When the student submit admission withdrawal form before the semester starts, the full tuition fee is refundable.

B. If the request is submitted after the semester starts, the tuition fee will be refunded based on the submitted date as follows.

Submission Date

Refundable Amount

 Before the admission date

Full Tuition Fee (including students who will take a leave of absence in the first 2 weeks of semester)

1st Day of Semester ~ 30th Day

5/6 of Tuition Fee

31st Day ~ 60th Day

2/3 of Tuition Fee

61st Day ~ 90th Day

Half of Tuition Fee

91st Day ~

Not Refundable

C. Applying for refundSubmission by visit, Office of International Affairs, 201 Building, CAU Seoul Campus.

D. Application Documents

- Admission Withdrawal and Refund Form

- 2 copies of Individuals Bank Account Book Copy(Korean Bank Account), 2 copies of Foreign Registration Card Copy (Or other type of Identification Documents)

If individual is unable to visit personally, ones representative should bring identification documents of individual and his/her representative, as well as a warrant document.

- Personal Information Agreement Form


All additional fees from international transfer must be paid by applicant. Fees may differ by banks and exchange rates. 


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