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[Notice] Fall 2023 CAU UCC Contest for Exchange students (~22 November)
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Fall 2023 CAU UCC Contest

for Exchange Students

To provide practical and useful information to foreign students who are interested in CAU exchange program, we are having UCC contest created by our students to introduce exchange life at Chung-Ang university.


1. Purpose

International students usually have difficulty when searching for information about universities abroad. We would like to introduce and provide information about Chung-Ang University on YouTube or social media so it is easily accessible across the world. Specifically, we want to share information about CAU through an exchange student, not a promotional advertisement. We hope this type of video will be more useful and helpful to prospective international students. If you are interested in this project, please join and share your experiences to help other international students!


2. For who?

 International students who are interested in CAU

● International students who will study at CAU next semester

● Universities to learn about CAU for future potential partnerships, joint research, etc.


3. About what?
You can suggest any topics relevant to your exchange life at CAU, in Korea. Following are sample topics that you can consider.

● Introduce the CAU campus (ex. buildings, locations, how to get to CAU)

● Special spots on CAU campus (ex. dormitory, library, Centennial Hall)

● Special events of CAU (ex. LUCAS, Global Week)

● How to get to CAU campus by public transportation including the CAU shuttle bus

● How the library system works

● Daily life of an exchange student

● CAU exchange student program

● Useful tips for international students

● Tourist attractions nearby CAU


3. How long? Less than 10 mins


4. Format: mp4 file


5. Please submit your video to

● Title

 - Title of the e-mail: Fall 2023 (Name, Student ID)_CAU UCC Contest

 - Title of the file: Fall 2023 (Name, Student ID)_title of work_CAU UCC Contest

 - Title of the Visual Release Form: 2023 Visual Release Form_(Name, Student ID)_title of work

● Submit the Video Clip (mp4 file) and a copy of your Korean bankbook

● Copy of Korean bank book (Must be a Korean bankbook)

Any Korean bank book is acceptable. If you don’t have one, you can open Korean Bank account in the Wooribank next to the McDonalds located in near the Front Gate of Chung-Ang University. This information is required in order to receive the prize money.


6. Deadline: Submissions accepted until ~2023.11.22 (Wednesday) 


7. Awards: 100,000 KRW & CAU PUANG Bag Ring
※Scholarships will be awarded only to the winning entries after reviewed by the Office of International Affairs.


8. Rules and Regulations

● All people who appear in the video clip must submit the attached visual image release form

● If there is a video that includes other people in the background, please blur them out.

● If you film a video with multiple friends, only one can be chosen to be awarded the winning prize of the contest.

● Please include English subtitles in your video. If this is not possible, please submit the transcript of your video in English.

● Please speak in English or your native language in the video. If you would like to speak in your native language, there is an additional requirement to submit an English transcript of the video.

● The submitted video clip will belong to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of Chung-Ang University.

● Please include source notes about images and materials you used while making the video clip.


Attachment: Visual Image Release Form



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