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CAU 2017 International Summer Program
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CAU 2017 International Summer Program

Warm Greetings from Chung-Ang University (CAU), Korea!

We are pleased to inform you about our 2017 International Summer Program! CAU has offered an International Summer Program for several years. Thanks to the continued success of our short term program, in 2017, we decided to continue the International Summer Program to expand the opportunity for students around the world to experience not only what it is like to study at Chung-Ang University, but also to share the rich and wonderful culture of modern and traditional Korea.

CAU's International Summer Program (ISP) is a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korea, where courses are coupled with cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Koreas Culture and Society. Our program is broken into two sessions, Session 1 and Session 2. Session 1 will provide students with 6 transferable credits while Session 2 will provide students with 5 transferable credits.


We have switched the focus on Session 1 to become more theme-oriented:

Session 1 allows students to take elective courses (3 credits) that are related to certain majors while Session 2 offers a Korean Language course (3 credits).

1) Social Science

(Korean Culture and Society + Advanced Korean)

Hybrid program designed to offer a variety of courses to advance your knowledge of Korean Culture and society, while offering language courses for advanced Korean learners.

2) Nanotechnology: Big Things from a tiny world

A general course that will help students better understand the wonders of nanotechnology, including how they work and how they work together. This course is accessible to all majors!

3) International Logistics : Logistics & Economic Development

Course administered by our Management and Economics department. Learn more about the fundamentals of logistics, with focuses on Asia and the Korean economy. This course is accessible to all majors!

- Session 1 has mandatory Korean Cultural Activities (60+ hours) and Survival Korean Class (15hours) (3 credits for Session 1)

SESSION 2: Unchanged

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Korean

- Session 2 has mandatory Korean Culture and Society (2 credits for session 2).

CAU is the best university for Korean Culture and Arts. CAU ISP will offer unique opportunities to learn and experience Korean Culture and society, history, religion, arts, and political issues; Almost everything in Korea today through a variety of cultural activities and excursions. The ISP will have students take an in-depth look at Korean Pop Culture, visit summer festivals, and much more.

All courses and activities will be offered in English so that students can enjoy this program without a language barrier. The ISP allows students to not only learn, but be immersed in Korean culture. Students will enjoy this program with both Korean and International friends.

Below are important dates and reminders for this program. Chung-Ang University's International Summer Program Important Date

1. Program Period



Program Schedule

Session 1

2017 February 13th ~ May 21st

2017 June 25th ~ July 22nd (4 weeks)

Session 2

2017 February 13h ~ June 11th

2017 July 30th ~ August 19th (3 weeks)

2. Program Tuition Fee information


Session 1


Session 1

(Partner University)

Session 2


Session 2

(Partner University)

Application fee

60,000 (52USD)


60,000 (52USD)





(920 USD)

(50% Discount)



(795 USD)

(50% Discount)

Dormitory (Optional)

378,000 (310 USD)


(310 USD)

280,000 (240 USD)


(240 USD)

Airport Pickup(Optional)

50,000 (43USD)


50,000 (43USD)



2,988,000 (2,555USD)

1,628,000 (1,392USD)

2,240,000 (1,925USD)

1,205,000 (1,030USD)

* The cost in USD is estimated and is subjected to change due to currency rates changes.

3. Course Information


Session 1 (Theme Oriented Major Courses)

Session 2

Course 1

a. Elective Courses (3credits)

- Social Science

(Korean Culture and Society + Advanced Korean)

- Nanotechnology: Big Things from a tiny world

- International Logistics : Logistics & Economic Development

a. Elective Courses(3 credits)

- Basic Korean Language

- Intermediate Korean Language

- Advanced Korean Language

Course 2

Korean Cultural Activity (More than 60hours)

+ Survival Korean Class (15hours) (3 credits)

Korean Culture and Society (2 credits)

- Special Lecture about Korean Culture & Society (15hours)

- Korean Cultural Activity (More than 45hours)

4. Application

The online application can be found at

The online application system for the International Summer Program will open February 13th, 2017. Please request to your interested student(s) to submit an online application early during the registration period. The online application system has been designed for Windows Internet Explorer, although it should be compatible with other browsers. If your student is not able to complete the online application using a different browser, retry the application using Internet Explorer.

**When uploading files, the file name can only contain basic Roman alphabet or numeric characters (no accents or any other marks) and without spaces. If the files contain other characters, there will be an error and your application will not be successful.

If you need further information, feel free to contact us.

** CAU Video Presentation

5. Other things

-Starting this year, students are required to take a TB test in order to live inside the dormitories. You should get this test done in your own country and submit the results before you arrive in Korea.

6. Dormitory

Office of International Affairs, Chung-Ang University


Phone: +82 820 6574/6742

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