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CKEP (CAU Korea Exploration Program) Notice
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CKEP (CAU Korea Exploration Program) Notice



Greetings from the Office of International Affairs, Chung-Ang University! For each semester, the OIA organizes cultural activities for exchange students to experience different aspects of Korean culture. Please refer to the timetable below for detailed information.





2022-1학기 문화체험 활동 (2022-1 CKEP)






모집 날짜

Registration Date

취소 날짜

Cancellation Date

모집 인원




Jeonju City

Hanok Village

5/20 (Fri),






*The timetable may be subject to change especially registration date, cancellation date and attendees.




1. How to register


a. Students can register through Google survey on a registration date which opens at 10:00am. Since there are limited seats for CKEP, students will be admitted on a first-come first-served.


b. The survey link:




2. How to cancel


: You can cancel your application by visiting the OIA on the cancellation date.


(One day only 10:00~12:00, 14:00~17:00)




3. Note


a. Please note that submitting your survey does not guarantee you a seat since we have a maximum quota. (Seats are usually filled up in less than 10 minutes for your reference)


b. We will announce the 1st confirmation list before the cancellation date to let students know whether they are on the list or not.


c. You can withdraw your application only on a designated date(cancellation day).


d. If you register and do not show up for the event without cancelling on the designated date, you will be banned from future events.


e. We will announce the final list of the students who will be going to the event after the cancellation date (usually a day or two days after the cancellation date.)


f. You cannot join the event if you are not on the final list.




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