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Guide to change the principles of academic management for the second(Fall) semester of 2020 (2020.8.19)
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Guide to change the principles of academic management for the second semester of 2020 (2020.8.19)

Dear CAU family,

Greetings from the vice president for academic affair.

After the longer-than-ever flood, the heat wave came. I wish you all the best of peace in the CAU family.

As I informed the CAU family through the president's letter in July, our university has prepared a five-step academic management plan based on our experience in the first semester. At that time, we defined the Korona 19 epidemic as 'Phase 3' and planned to have face-to-face and non-face-to-face classes in line with this.


Thus, we wanted to expand face-to-face classes that are with fewer than 20 students, but as you all know, the number of confirmed COVID cases has been exploding recently, and quarantine authorities have made the response level to the second phase of "complete social distancing" and strongly advised the public to take part in maintaining distance and be more careful for personal quarantine.


Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Chung-Ang University decided today (8.19), to made its academic management level phase 2 for the second semester to (limited face-to-face class operation).








Gov Management

Social Distancing lv.3

Social Distancing lv.2

Social Distancing lv.1

Social Distancing lv.1

Normal Life

Confirmed cases per day

More than 100-200

Less than 50-100

Less than 10-50

Less than 10


Fall(2nd) semester


Complete online course

Limited face-to-face class

Mixed (face to face and online)

Broaden face to face class

Complete face to face class


Firstly, according to the principle of limited face-to-face classes, face-to-face classes are allowed only for laboratory classes and practical subjects, but not for other courses. During the period of 9.1(Tue) to 9.14(Monday), which is two weeks after the semester has begun, the theoretical classes are operated in a non-face-to-face way, and the same principle is applied to general, professional and special graduate school courses, and small classes.


Second, the school schedule opens on 9.1(Tue) as previously announced and ends on 12.21(Monday). The mid-term and final-term evaluation methods will be conducted autonomously at the discretion of the professor, and if there is a change in the schedule, we will inform you without delay.

Third, the absolute evaluation of all courses will be conducted as previously announced, and the extension of the exemption from the graduation recognition system will be carried out without any change until February 2021.


Any other additional measures or changes to the principles of academic management will be made quickly by closely examining the government's management level, the Ministry of Education's guidelines, and the Korona 19 proliferation situation, and we will inform the central family of the decision without delay.


Dear CAU family,

Experts warning that 'anyone can be infected now' is becoming a reality. CAU will respond quickly to changes in the situation and communicate with you so that all of you in the CAU family can spend the second semester healthily and safely, and that you can finish your second semester successfully.

Please take extra care of your health until you meet them on campus in a healthy manner.



Vice President for Academic Affairs

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