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2020-2nd Semester Tuition Fee Payment Notice
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 2020-2nd Semester Tuition Fee Payment Notice

1. Tuition Fee Payment (Registration) Period

A. General Registration




Regular Registration

2020.8.24.(Mon) ~ 8.28(Fri)

Payment time: 9:00 am to 21:00 pm for each period

(To pay directly at the Bank: 9am to 4pm)

(Other type of payment selection during registration period cannot be changed)

(registration outside this period is unavailable)

Additional Registration

2020.9.2.(Wed) ~ 9.4(Fri)

Final Registration

2020.9.14.(Mon) ~ 9.18(Fri)

Tuition Bill

Check - print

2020.8.19.(Wed) 9:00 am ~ 9.18(Fri) 9 pm

Log in, check and print out the Tuition Bill in the CAU Portal (using the indications below)

- Other payment period - Select and correct: Portal > Academic Affairs > Registration > Select other payment amount/Print out tuition bill

- Other payment period - Select and correct open: Portal > Academic Affairs > Registration > Print tuition bill

- Information service for parents can be checked and printed in the same menu

Other payment

Selection - Correction period

1st: 2020.8.19(Wed.) 9am to 8.21(Fri) 4pm

Unable to change selection of other payments outside this period

If you wish to change the selection of other payments after registration

Make an inquire to the department in charge of other payments

(Check the contact information for the department in charge in the end of notice)

2nd: 2020.8.29(Sat) 9am to 8.31(Mon) 4pm

3rd: 2020.9.5(Sat.) 9am to 9.10(Thursday) 4pm

B. Divided Payment




Divided Payment Application Period

2020.8.19(Wed.) 9:00am to 8.28(Fri) 8pm

Individual application in CAU portal

(No application form required)

Divided Payment Notice Printing

Same order as registration period

CAU Portal Printing

Academic Affairs > Registration> Divided Payment tuition bill

Divided Payment Registration Period

1st: 8.24 (Mon) to 8.28 (Fri) from 9am to 9pm

25% of the actual tuition payment amount

2nd: 9.14 (Mon) to 9.18 (Fri) from 9am to 9pm

25% of the actual tuition payment amount

3rd: 10.12 (Mon) to 10.16 (Fri) from 9am to 9pm

25% of the actual tuition payment amount

4th: 11.9 (Mon) to 11.13 (Fri) from 9am to 9pm

all the remaining tuition amount


C. Credit Registration




Credit Registration Payment Period

Same as "A. General Registration" period

Same as regular student registration period

Application method

Contact the Faculty Support Team of your Department

Homepage > University Introduction > University Institution > Search fort the contact of College Faculty Support Team

Eligibility for Application

Article N.13 of Regulations for the Bachelor's Degree (Credit Registration)

Click here

Payment procedure

Apply for credit registration in the College's Faculty Support Team Approvement Confirmation of application for credit registration fee bill Payment of credit tuition fees

Make sure to apply for credit registration in the Faculty Support Team of the affiliated Department after applying for classes.

(Not reflected in the notice just by applying for classes)

Credit Registration Fee

Registration for 1-3 credits: 1/6 of the tuition fee

Undergraduate Standard

(Graduate school depends of separate standards.)

Registration for 4-6 credits: 1/3 of the tuition fee

Registration for 7~9 credits: 1/2 of the tuition fee

Registration for more of 10 credits: Full tuition fee


2.Payment Method

Deposit tuition amount from individual account using any financial institutions

      (Transfer, Internet Banking, Telebanking, ATM transfer, Woori Bank credit card, etc.)

However, some accounts, such as securities-linked accounts and CMA accounts, cannot transfer to tuition deposit accounts.

If you make tuition payment visiting the bank, you must receive a certificate of deposit.


What is an individual tuition deposit account?

A. It is a virtual account exclusively for collecting tuition fees. The depositor is in the student's name. Only one deposit can be made. (Check the daily transfer limit when paying by account transfer method)


B. Deposit Method: You can choose between two amounts.(Pay by choosing between the two amounts listed on your bill.)

Actual Tuition Bill payment (required)

Actual Tuition Bill payment amount + other payments of your choice


3. Registration procedure for a full scholarship student whose tuition payment amount is "0"

  Where other payments are made: When other payments are made, the registration process is completed

  In the case other payment is not made (choose between and below)

Visit Woori Bank's branches nationwide with tuition bill and process registration of "0" tuition fee"

Registering through Internet banking on Woori Bank's website (requires joining Woori Bank's Internet banking)

Personal> Utility Fee> Tuition> Tuition Search/Payment> Select School> Enter Student ID> Register"0"

Personal> Utility Fee> Tuition> Tuition Search/Payment> Select School> Enter Student ID> Register"0"

(It is mandatory to register Woori Bank's Internet banking using a accredited certificate)


4. Check tuition Payment status

Payment day: You can check by logging in to CAU portal (

(Academic Affairs Registration Confirm tuition payment)

From the next day: You can check logging in to CAU portal (

(Academic Affairs Registration Confirm tuition payment after input year/semester check and print the invoice)


5. Abolition of the Tuition System for Students on a leave of absence

As the tuition payment system for students on leave has been abolished from the first semester of 2017, those who plan to take a leave of absence should not pay tuition fees. (for all students who are expected to take a general leave of absence, leave of enlistment, or leave of absence from disease).

Details:Related Announcements


6. Other Notes

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, the school does not provide personal registration information (virtual account number, registration amount, scholarship amount, payment status, etc.) by phone or fax.



 Credit Card Payment for Enrollment Fees


Detailed Information

Payable Credit Card

Woori Bank's Woori Card (other Bank's cards cannot be used)

Payment Method

Woori Bank's Woori Card website ( >Financial Services>Payment Services>University Tuition Payment

A cardholder can visit any Woori Bank branch with the tuition fee bill.

Other Notes

Check card or corporate credit card not available

Full payment is possible (divided with cash is not possible)

Cancellation is not possible after tuition payment (but can be canceled within the payment time on the same day)

Issuance and Limit Information

Information call: 1588-9955




Guidelines for Divided Payment of Tuition


1. Related basis

Pursuant to Article 22 of the school regulations (registration and payment)


2.Candidate: Those who have been approved by the President of the applicant for the installment payment of tuition

(However, excluding freshmen, transfer students, re-entry students, research registrants, part-time registrants, and delayed payers for the previous semester)


3.Payment Method

A. Installments: 4 times

B. Installment payment amount and application/registration period


Installment Payment Amount

Bill Print and Register Period


1st time

25% of tuition fee

2020.8.24.(Mon) ~ 8.28 (Fri)

Register is available from 9am to 9pm on each day.

2nd time

25% of tuition fee


3rd time

25% of tuition fee


4th time

Total Remaining Tuition


C. Reduction of scholarship notice: When applying for installment payment, the total amount of scholarship is reflected Divide four times based on actual payments.

D. Application Method:

After logging in to CAU portal ( Academic Affairs> Registration> Application for tuition payment in installments.


E. Installment payment tuition bill printing:

During the Installment payment registration period, access to CAU Portal ( and print it out in Academic Affairs> Registration> Tuition Installment Payment Notice


F. Registration Processing Method

1) Students who have paid the first installment tuition fee shall be deemed to have completed registration.


2) If the candidate of installment payment does not pay the first installment tuition within the specified period, the eligibility for installment payment is canceled and the full payment must be made within the additional registration period.


3) After taking more than one-half of the total number of school days for the semester and taking the test, a reason for taking a leave of absence from school due to military service or disease has occurred, a candidate who requests completion of the semester by non-application report shall register the entire remaining tuition within seven days. If the registration is not made within the deadline, the grades cannot be recognized, and the tuition paid in advance shall be refunded in accordance with the relevant regulations.


4) If the installment fee is paid more than one time and the installment fee is not paid during the installment registration period, the unregistered enrollment will be processed in accordance with Article 26-2 of the Academic Regulations. However, only with the permission of the head of the department (or graduate school), the unpaid installment fee can be paid before the start of the next semester, but the application for installment payment in the next semester is limited.


G. Other notes

1) In the event that a registrant who has paid the installment payment more than once or leaves school or withdraws, the prepaid installment payment shall be refunded in accordance with the relevant regulations.

2) If the amount to be paid is higher than the tuition fee to be returned at the time of taking a leave of absence or dropping out of school, the difference shall be paid.

3) Regulations that apply to the return of tuition are "Article 6(2) of the University Tuition Regulation", "Article 22(7) of the University Regulations", "Article 10 and 11 of the Regulations on the Operation of Academies" and "Article 16 of the Regulations on the Payment of Scholarships."


The school provided the minimum amount of student information needed to receive tuition and advance the Korea Scholarship Foundation to the relevant institutions (Woori Bank/Korea Scholarship Foundation).



Related basis

-Personal Information Protection Act, Enforcement Decree of the same Act and Enforcement Rules.

-Articles 36-2 and 49-5 of the Korea Scholarship Foundation Act.

-Article 12 of the Special Act on Student Reimbursement after Employment.


2020. 7



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