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20-2 Application Registration and Issuance Certificate of Admission Guide
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Please read the instruction below and register to the Application for 20-2 Returning Students and the Certificate of Admission.


1. Students who can register : Students returning from the leave of absence for 20-2 semester(both undergraduate and graduate students)

2. Date for Registration : 2020.07.06(Mon) 10:00 ~ 2020.07.10(Fri) 14:00

3. Guide for Registration :

A. Registration for Returning Students

- OIA website ( > Degree Student > Notice

- Fill out application form for Returning Students and Letter of Attorney

!NOTICE! Date of registration must be written as 2020.08.03., due to the academic schedule

!NOTICE! Changes on registration status(Leave of Absence->Returning) will be reflected after August 3 due to the academic schedule

!NOTICE! Returning graduate students have to submit application form for returning students+apply on July 27 ~ August 20 at CAU portal

- Submit application form for Returning Students and Certificate of Bank Deposits by email(

Certificate of Bank Deposits

Certificate of Bank Deposits is valid within 2 months from the issuance. Financial documents should belong to the applicant or applicants parents(If the document belongs to the applicants parent, please submit a legal certificate to prove family relationship)

Minimum deposit balance : 20,000 USD / 135,000 CNY / 23,000,000KRW

Deposit balance on Chinese bank document has to be frozen until September 2020

Students who receive scholarship for tuition fee and others can submit Certificate of Scholarship instead of Certificate of Bank Deposits.

Students who do not register for D-2 VISA, dont have to submit financial documents.

B. Registration for Certificate of Admission

- Access to link below for application



4. Date of Issuance : starting from 2020.07.15.(to be issued according to the order of application)


5. Issued Documents : Certificate of Admission + Business License of CAU (scanned documents will be sent by email)


6. Notice

- If students do not enroll on schedule(2020.8.24 ~ 8.28), Certificate of Admission and issuance of VISA can be cancelled.

- Class methods for 20-2 semester are in discussion (off-line/on-line) and further information will be noticed on website and through email.

- Contact VISA issue Office if you have inquiries about other documents.


7. Contact us : +82-2-820-6572/6571



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